About Brenda
Who is Brenda Peterson?
Brenda L Peterson
Author, Singer, Songwriter, Actress

A Mississippi native, I Brenda L. Thurmond was born the fifth child of
twelve wonderful children.

Eleven months after my birth my family, which consisted of grandma,
mom, my siblings and I relocated to Chicago Ill.

Grandma was considered King in our home. She loved and always
made God’s presence known through prayer and attending church;
yet, in my senior year of high school, instead of receiving my diploma I
gave birth to my first child with three more to follow.  

After this I became a drug abuser and distributor. Nonetheless, I
wanted out with a sense of urgency. Grandma’s words to God which
were “Please Sir have mercy” truly helped to bring me to this point. . .

On Palm Sunday in 1982, the altar call from God was “Behold I stand
at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I
will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with Me”
(Revelation 3:20).

accepted His invitation; I was born again. From that moment on
God taught me. First, He anointed me with an everlasting heart for
intercessory prayer, praise, worship and the gift to write songs to
glorify Him.  As I grew in grace, in 1984 on Oct. 13th my Holy Ghost
with fire baptism was manifested and on Oct. 28th I received my calling
as a Prophet according to Jeremiah 1:4-5.  

Since then, God has sent me out with the gospel to churches in
Chicago, various other cities, and community affairs  to exalt, preach,
teach, minister in song, lay hands on the sick, and bring a prophetic
word concerning His love and chastisement towards us, thus proving
and showing Himself faithful every time.  

God, in the fullness of time, always lets me know who I am in Him, for
He has now graduated me into writing books beginning with
“New Life in Christ and Foundational Studies”.

Whoever God says you are, then this is who you are. Getting to know
Him and how He moves for His glory makes us free, so, feel free to visit
every room here and see what a difference He can and will make in
your life like He has done in mine.

 Yours in Christ Jesus,
                     Prophetess Brenda L. Peterson